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Provincial Nominee Programs

Another way of migrating to Canada is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The province nominates you for Permanent Residency.

This program requires you to send out individual applications to the process separately. Sometimes the province can directly show interest in your profile too. To qualify, you must have the required skills mainly education and work experience which will help you to settle in Canada and support you and your family.

You shall be assessed based on your credentials and your profile is checked to see if you match the Labour market requirements of the province i.e. that of Canada. If the skill sets you have are a match then the province will nominate you, given that you fulfil all the other requirements of that specific province.

Once you receive a nomination from a province, it entitles you to 600 points on your Express Entry application. The province or territory will let you know whether you must apply through the Express Entry system or through regular application process.

The selection process and conditions to get a Provincial Nominee Certificate may be different from one province to the next. Check their websites to find out what you need to do before you apply.

The advantage of having a Canadian branch in Vancouver only let’s us get real time updates about all the province programs. As each program has it’s own window period where it’s open, the time of applying also matters sometimes when it comes to your nomination. Hence, we believe that we have a slight edge when it comes to PNP when compared to other firms.

Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad