Documents to Prepare and Organize

Documents include birth certificates, passports, education diplomas and transcripts, medical and dental records, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s licenses, adoption records for adopted children, insurance documents and bank documents.”
You must also make sure you carry a certified translation of your documents in either English or French. This means you need to choose a translation agency with a good reputation. The translator should also give you an affidavit. This is a document on which the translator has sworn that the translation is accurate.
If any of your family members are immigrating at a later date, make sure to bring copies of their documents with you as well in case you need them for any reason prior to your family members’ arrival.
Note: You should buy a private insurance to cover your first three months in Canada. This will take care of any emergency medical costs, should they arise, until you have access to government health insurance since there is a waiting period until you are eligible. And if you’re unsure whether you’ll be eligible to apply for government health insurance once you arrive in Canada, check with the government of the province or territory where you plan to live.
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