We suggest you sort your initial stay before you arrive, you’ll want to set up temporary accommodation for when you immediately arrive in Canada.Prior to your arrival in Canada, it’s crucial to at least have somewhere lined up for your first few nights. Motels and hotels are plentiful in urban areas, though you may wish to book well in advance to ensure you have the widest choice of temporary accommodation in the province available to you.Do not wait last minute to do this, as the longer you wait the higher the prices, as most of the cheaper accommodation will have already been booked.The cost of utilities, such as electricity and water, may or may not be included in your rent.Most houses and apartments for rent in Canada require at least half a month’s rent as a security deposit.

The smartest way is to reach out to the landlord prior to landing and request confirmation of the apartment or home you are planning to move into temporarily by transferring a token advance to their account. The landlord might require proof of identity and status in Canada. A wise way to go about it is to share a soft copy of your COPR and passport.

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