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Looking For Authorized And Legally Qualified RCIC, Canada Immigration Consultants In Hyderabad?

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Canada Immigration Solution

Looking For Authorized And Legally Qualified RCIC, Canada Immigration Consultants In Hyderabad?

Fret Not! You’re on the Right Track!

Materialize your Canadian Dream through the best consultancy for Canada PR in Hyderabad now!

At Novus Canada immigration services, we have a fully licensed, knowledgeable and experienced team of Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad who are also RCICs. We assist you in your journey to Canada.
Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad

Unnikrishnan K.A, RCIC (B.A LLB, IMCD)

Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad

Ms.Anu( ADVISORY BOARD) - Canadian Immigration lawyer

Bar Council of British Columbia, Canada
(Ex RCIC - R514381)
Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad

Navika Sharma

Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad

Why choose Canada Immigration through Novus?

Would you feel safe flying with a pilot who is unlicensed? Probably not. The same thing applies for your immigration process. You want to feel safe and secure knowing your Visa application is in the right hands.

Our Canada immigration agents in Hyderabad are all Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). Using RCIC not only gives you the best possible chances of receiving an ITA but will also make the entire process simple and stress- free.

Arrive at the right destination through the best Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad.

We have multiple Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad who are RCIC’s & Lawyers

Free, Detailed eligibility and CRS Score prospect evaluation in relevance to current market demand by our Canada immigration agents in Hyderabad

No hidden cost, no sales strategies, no persuasive pitches RATHER an outright honest consultation and a "One Point Contact".

An archive of varied and complicated successful cases.

Professional personal guidance on every step of the application process in Canada immigration Hyderabad

Document preparation, verification, and submission by our Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad

Application enclosed with a Representative form (IMM5476E).

Our Canada visa consultants in Hyderabad provide curated client specific solution.

Express Entry? A Journey through our Canada PR consultancy in Hyderabad makes it quick and hassle free!

We believe our longevity and rich expertise in the Immigration Law Industry has made us the top Immigration Law firm in India and Canada through our commitment to delivering outstanding results to all our clients.

1. English Language Proficiency Test - IELTS

You can book your IELTS Exam(General module) from either IDP education or British council
Once on board, we would be providing you with a comprehensive data bank for preparing for IELTS General which significantly contributes to a major proportion of the cumulative score. This data bank would have ample audio, video and text based materials helping you quickly understand the exam pattern and how to go about maximising your scores. This also includes an exhaustive listing of mock papers for your practise. Living up to the expectations of the title of best Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad it is our endeavour to provide a one platform solution to all our client’s needs.

2. Educational Credential Assessment

After you book your IELTS, during the period between your date of booking the test and date of examination, it is better to apply for your ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) to save time.
We will help you create your ECA account, guide you through the university procedures for your educational documents so that your IELTS and ECA is ready around the same time. Not many Canada visa consultants in Hyderabad give you such valuable advice.

3. Canadian Legal Retainer Agreement

We would provide you with the Canadian Legal Retainer Agreement signed by the RCIC. Company policies like ours is hard to find among various Canada PR Consultancies in Hyderabad. We promise to offer you high quality services that will provide a tailored evaluation and visa application strategy which are unique to each client specific profiles, giving you all the options available to you, highlighting what options are most likely to grant you a Canadian visa.
You will also receive expert guidance and support throughout the entire application process while we complete and submit your application to the Canadian government for you.The aim of our Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad is to ensure that we maximize the chances so that no opportunities are left unattended.

4.Creating your profile

Analyzing your profile for the Express Entry and PNP, National Occupation Code (NOC), Primary applicant and Dependent factors.
Your next focus should be as to which program will you be getting into, to maximize your chances.
Every PNP application is applied as an Expression of Interest (EOI) separately to each official Province as applicable by our Canada visa consultants in Hyderabad.
Our Canadian Immigration Agents in Hyderabad give you the various possible ways to increase your scores and make it through the Express Entry/PNP. Our team of skilled immigration consultants in Canada and the RCICs get real time updates as to when, which Province would open up working on your application proactively.

5. Awaiting your ITA

This is a phase where you have created an online profile and you are waiting to get your Invitation to Apply.
The crucial part is not just the Express Entry application, but to apply for each province as and when the appropriate category opens up, this would be different for every client as per the provincial eligibility, NOC code and many other factors at that point. The aim of our Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad is to ensure that we maximize the chances so that no opportunities are left unattended.

6. Post-ITA

Our Canada Immigration Agents in Hyderabad provide you with complete assistance during this stage as the RCIC legally representing you (Representative Form IMM5476e) will review and submit documents as per the submission checklist, as this being a crucial period where a lot of Legal Framework and technicalities come into picture. They make sure that everything is filed and submitted in due time and you obtain your PR.
The crucial part is not just the filing and submission, but to apply for each province as and when the appropriate category opens up, this would be different for every client as per the provincial eligibility, NOC code and many other factors at that point.

Canadian Immigration is all you can think of?

Your Goal is Our Goal!

The decision to live, work or study in Canada is a very important life changing decision. It can be extremely disheartening if you submit an application for a visa and receive a refusal. We have helped thousands settle successfully in Canada, let us help you in your Journey!
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How we initiate your Canada immigration consultation?

A free consultation with our Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad at Novus Canada is the right way to find out!
An in-person consultation will put you face-to-face with a Novus Canada visa consultant who can assess your case, and create a customized roadmap charting your best pathway to Canada. For those who cannot join an in-person consultation, we shall schedule a zoom/skype/WhatsApp/cellular call which is the most sought after means of quick-communication interface these days.

FAQs – Quick Questions and Our Insights

How does one become a permanent resident (PR) of Canada? Is there an eligibility criterion?

The answer to “how to become a permanent resident of Canada,” will definitely differ in each case as every profile is unique in nature. Arriving at this answer would entail a thorough research of the existing immigration programs and finding the right Canadian immigration program that suits you best, as the prerequisites for Canadian permanent residency depends on the stream under which an individual qualifies. CIC has designed a myriad of immigration streams based on various factors including age, education, job skills, work experience, financial status and willingness to invest depending on the program.

To be more precise, the most popular way is to apply through the Express Entry program and linked Provincial Nominee Program which is the fastest and easiest route if one has a good profile in terms of age, education and language proficiency. For more details on the same, you can visit our Services page.

One way to make sure you get this right is to go through a licensed professional Immigration Consultant. We are here to let you know we are the best ICCRC Registered consultants with our background being the most established in Canada, British Columbia. We have lawyers who have been a tight-knit part of the Canadian immigration even before express entry was formulated and hence have garnered immense on-ground experience working on different types of projects and programs making us one of the best Immigration consultants for Canadian PR visa assistance, legal representation and all related Canadian Immigration matters.

Our highly Skilled Immigration Consultants for Canada will guide you step by step and make the whole process hassle free, opening the fastest gateway to Canada for you.

Why is there a need for Canada immigration agents in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has one of the highest percentage of skilled force migrating to USA and Canada for the past few decades, the tech city of Hyderabad is filled with skilled people with great and in demand profiles that Canada might be in dire need of. Canada immigration Hyderabad hence becomes the most sought out option when people want to move abroad. Several people who are seeking opportunities to go to Canada and study or work due to the standard of living and eventually settle down there is on all time high now. Hence, in order to meet the demand there is a need for Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad to guide the people and put them on the right path to achieve their dreams. The most important reason and demand for immigration consultants, is that immigration processes to Canada may be simple and done by one self, but people are usually stuck with the procedure and cumbersome documentation which is very crucial. Furthermore, at the same time one may not be well aware of the various routes available to Canada and which would suit one the best. Needless to mention, being a professional demands long work hours and hence aspirants find it difficult to keep a tab on the ongoing dynamic changes and lose out on opportunities if they do not hire a professional to maximise their chances of getting an invitation, thusone requires professional agents with sound knowledge who ensure the safety and success of the process. Another reason would be that nowadays although steps and measures can be taken and done online, people still want to see a physical office in their location’s proximityas well, to trust on the professionals guiding them on the right track. Since there are several Canadian Immigration Agents in Hyderabad there is definitely a need for the right RCIC licensed professionals and the Best Canadian Immigration Agents in Hyderabad. We would like to believe Novus Immigration Services will satisfy the needs of clients like we always do and assist them to acquire a Canada PR.

Majority of the immigration consultants for Canada in Hyderabad have not seen Canada themselves neither have they studied IRPA or IRPR to consult a client. It is pretty obvious that 99% of the so called ICCRC registered consultants in Hyderabad might not even have a tie up with a RCIC, whereas apart from all of our three directors being RCIC’s, Novus has also hired additional RCICs to take care of our global clientele.

Why is it crucial to associate with an ICCRC Registered consultant in Hyderabad for professional Canadian Immigration guidance?

Imagine an individual is not keeping well, but he takes it casually and instead of consulting a doctor for diagnosis he goes to a pharmacist to procure over the counter medicine which is suggested by the representative at the medical store.

Now, this is exactly what happens when you go to any random Canada immigration consultant in Hyderabad, on the other hand if you had taken the earnest interest to put in few minutes of research to find out a qualified professional who is authorised to consult and provide a solution to your issue, you might end up saving a lot of time and money simultaneously ensuring mission accomplishment. The point being, it is important to know what extent a layman can help you with his generic knowledge acquired from social media or Wikipedia in contrast to that of a lawyer or RCIC who has spent years to study and practise the subject. Thus, giving you the best immigration advice, suggestions and furtherance in terms of document filing and submissions.

Our directors started practicing immigration much before the Express entry even came into being. They are also lawyers who have practiced law in India before. With years of experience in their kitty especially catering mostly to Indian clientele, their proficiency in the Indian legal framework also adds to the efficiency in their application processes. Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad are umpteen in the Indian market, but the best Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad would be the RCIC’s with rich experience in all domains of immigration. Few Canada Immigration services in Hyderabad only specialize in a particular department, for example study permits and few other Canada PR visa consultants in Hyderabad, who only do express entry files with basic experience based on trial and error. It is true that expertise is enriched only with experience. At Novus, the senior RCIC’s recruit new RCIC’s and provide them training and internship in different domains. Hence, we are probably the oldest and experienced Canadian Immigration Consultants

Immigration to Canada? Current scenario updates. Right decisions to be made during this Pandemic.

Due to the current scenario of COVID-19, people are assuming that things have been a bit slow lately, but in fact there have been no restrictions towards this, most of the Canada PR visa consultants in India have closed shop or halted operations, we on the other hand have successfully been able to submit documents for all our CEC applicants who received invitations during this period.

Canadian government has continued to give out invitations as per their initial plan that was strategized for the year 2020, but had limited the ITA to individuals falling under the CEC category.

Although COVID-19 may affect the process of obtaining a Visitor Visa to Canada, planning your route for a PR will not get affected at all as there are no changes with respect to that currently and applications are being accepted. Immigration is not a one-day process, there are lots of procedures and regulations to it that need to be given time to be checked and assessed thoroughly, so likewise if you look at the long-run before you could probably be good to go, things will definitely subside and settle down worldwide and at the same time you have utilized the time rather than wasting it. Novus being the Best Canada Immigration Consultants Hyderabad to apply for Canada visa is ready to go that extra mile with you and achieve your dreams!

Canadian Immigration is a big decision! Will Novus always have my back through this process? Explore the best consultancy for Canada PR in Hyderabad?

Canadian Immigration is not something that clicks in your head overnight and even if so it takes time to actually convince and persuade oneself to take that extra step and reach out for the opportunity right in front of them that’s looking at them in the eye. Applying for PR is a process that requires time and expertise, our immigration consultants Hyderabad can make this process easier for you by applying their sound knowledge and rich expertise in the immigration field to assist you throughout the process. But does applying through Canada immigration agents in Hyderabad, have an effect in your application? No, not at all. If you are confident that you know the process of application well enough like finding the relevant assessing authorities, creating an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile, and if you are well aware of Canadian immigration laws and policies you can go ahead and do the filing on your own. Since this process requires expert knowledge in the field of immigration, going through it with half knowledge can increase the chances of your application getting rejected. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire a Canada Visa Consultancy which is accredited to the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC). Novus Canada, the best canada immigration consultants in hyderabad, unlike many other canada visa consultants in Hyderabad, have RCIC personnel who will personally look into your files and take care of all the technicalities involved in the immigration process

Here at Novus although we mean business and get the job done we also build up personal relationships with our clients ensuring they have a smooth journey, transition and explore all the possible options that satisfy them and hence we are also one of the most genuine and rare consultancy with registered lawyers who are also canada immigration consultants in hyderabad , with an office in India and Canada, unlike the others.

Apart from our directors who are RCIC’s themselves, we also have our staff who are regulated by the ICCRC.

Our directors have been regulated for more than 6 years, and have about a decades experience in immigration matters. We would be one of the oldest Business Immigration Consultants.

Immigration is a field where consultants charge according to their experience and skills in the field of Immigration. You would assume immigration consultants in hyderabad who charge you a very nominal fee and on the other hand you would also find experienced professionals charge a higher fee. Hence, it is advisable to understand the intent and logical reasoning as to why different Permanent Residency Visa assistance have different approaches with different pricings. Meet the consultant, you could probably judge in the very first meeting as to who is deserving and how competent one is in their field of expertise.

Does your location really matter when it comes to starting the immigration process through us?

Novus is a well-established organization located in Vancouver, British Columbia for about 8 to 10 years and provides Immigration Services to individuals all around the globe to migrate to Canada and start off their new lives! Due to the amount of inquiries and interests for Canadian immigration in the East-side of the globe and umpteen individuals reaching out to us directly to our Canadian Office, we decided to open up branches in India and are currently located in Bangalore. Many people assume that only when they meet the immigration consultants in person can they start off their process, but they are mistaken as due to the advancement in technology everything is capable of being done online and we can stay connected and be successful on the path by staying connected via calls or mails. Although not to worry, for those of you out there wishing to meet us you’ll are more than welcome to drop by and at the same time we have future plans of branching out throughout India including Hyderabad. But before even setting up a canada immigration office in Hyderabad, Novus is highly accessible, capable, with clients all over the globe and recognized as top canada immigration agents in Hyderabad which is the best consultancy in hyderabad for canada processing.

What are the various pain-points that people usually go through during their immigration process?

Some of the hurdles applicants come across during the immigration process are as follows:

Due to a rise in Demand for Canadian Immigration, there are several unqualified and unauthorised immigration agents who have popped up, hence one of the tasks is choosing the right immigration agent who is trustworthy and capable of handling the process.

Due to the existence of several immigration agencies, many of the clients are being fed with wrong information and guided on a wrong path.

They also face problems of being charged for almost any and everything be it even a consultation.

It is not surprising to see most of the clients who come to us expressing concerns of trust as they have previously burnt their fingers trusting one of these unauthorised and unqualified Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad and thus find it difficult whom to trust and whom not! Everyone seems to have a good looking office and staff who come across as learned! We completely understand your situation and that is the reason why we go about educating anyone who reaches out to us to not just look at the pricing and office infrastructure! Check their legitimacy first!

Just because someone shows up as the “ best consultancy for Canada in Hyderabad” does not mean they should be! Check their RCIC NO, their office address in Canada and their previous record of clientele recommendation (not the paid fake recommendations)!

Apart from this, assuming you get a qualified immigration consultant in Hyderabad, the question is whether your profile is capable of an invitation, the hard fact is age is a crucial factor. Language proficiency is another decisive factor.

What is the most in demand route to immigrate to Canada from Hyderabad?

There are over 60 programs through which one can migrate to Canada. What is widely known and applicable to majority of the interested community is the medium of Federal Skilled Worker class , PNP, CEC and other means like the Spousal sponsorship etc. The reasoning to this popularity is the significant fact that the rest of the programs have pre-requisites and conditions which generally do not pertain to the general category. For instance, you would not find any Canada visa agents in Hyderabad talk about Refugee class, the Protected Person class or federal skilled trade category etc. Firstly, one reason is because most of the Canada PR consultancy in Hyderabad themselves won’t be aware of what all programs are available as the people running majority of these unauthorised agencies haven’t undergone formal training in Canadian immigration law and hence how do you expect them to tell you about it ? Secondly, these programs have certain clauses attached to them which makes them available for only a particular cohort of individuals.

Therefore, one way is to know about the other programs which might require you to acquire some skills or certifications to become eligible for it or need the assistance of a genuine Canada PR consultancy in Canada to give you an insight of every possible platform for which your profile can be tailor made accordingly.

We have had clients who came to us for Express entry and previously had used the services of other Canada immigration agents in Hyderabad, we were surprised to see that that the clients could have successfully migrated via another program ( in this case the Self-Employed Class) but as the agent himself did not have any awareness of the same the client lost out on the time and opportunity.

Whichever path you may choose, always keep in mind that it is long process from the time you start, from the time you start collating your IELTS, ECA etc till the time you receive an invitation it takes quite a while, and if you do get an invitation one has 60 days to submit all documents. Post this, it takes another 6 months for the COPR to come by. Express entry is the fastest medium to migrate as a permanent resident instead of an investor class or spousal sponsorship. Here at Novus we are known to be the Best Canadian Immigration Agents in Hyderabad as we have been professionals in this field for about 15 years and 98% successful.

Express Entry is an online selection system used by the Canadian government for Canada immigration. It's completely an electronic process used to manage applications that is designed specifically for selecting skilled and qualified candidates for Canada immigration. Any Canada Visa Consultants will try and convince you that they know the process but we can assure you that they won’t even be aware of half the knowledge we possess in regard to this matter. The Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad should not only get you through the express entry process but also through the invitation stage. Novus being the best consultancy for CanadaPR in Hyderabad takes you step by step.

PNP=The provinces and territories in Canada have an agreement with the Canada government that enables them to nominate immigrants (individuals and their families) based on its immigration needs and the applicant’s intent to settle in that province. 75% of the Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad won’t be aware of the various provinces and programs that exist and are active. Novus on the other hand have a physical office in Canada and get live updates from there. Our prime purpose here is to fulfil Canada immigration Hyderabad and to be the best consultancy for Canada in Hyderabad.

You can always research for the best consultancy for Canada in Hyderabad and definitely choose one, but you will never know if you approach the right one with expertise. Therefore, check those who have not only been in the business for a long time but also have the results and choose a Canada consultancy in Hyderabad who have RCICs registered with the firm and will represent you legally in your filing and submission rather than just assist you as a layman.

How can I place my faith and trust in Novus Immigration Services? How are you different from the rest?

You can trust us, as first and foremost we are equipped with 3 RCICs and Immigration Lawyers who have been awarded several laurels and has have obtained recognition in Canada have trained all of us to be ICCRC registered consultants in Hyderabad to provide service at its best.

Secondly, we have multiple offices in Canada, our head office located at Vancouver, BC. Most of the Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad do not have a Canadian base and secondly how many visa agents for Canada in Hyderabad have you seen having more than one RCIC to their credit? The advantage of multiple RCICs working for you is that they come with their share of experience dealing with enormous cases of different categories hence our clients have the best solutions to their problems.

Furthermore on our website page there are testimonials of clients who have acquainted with us and are in Canada currently. At the end of the day it all comes down to who is good at their job and knows all the possible pros and cons associated with the it, i.e. a subject matter expert ensuring quality and transparency, so among all the Canada Visa Consultants in Hyderabad we are the most Trusted Immigration Agents Based in Hyderabad and we have all the legal proof to it on our website page in black and white!

Should I apply for a Canadian PR, study permit or work permit?

This is one question that lingers mostly in those who are under 30/35 and are planning to explore better opportunities in terms of employment, studies and standard of living. We often come across aspirants who are not sure which path to consider! First and foremost, the most important thing one has to keep in mind is that studying in Canada as a foreign national for a bachelors or masters is expensive! Secondly no one gets a work permit without a positive LMIA or provincial nomination under skilled worker class ( other than open work permit in the case of a PGWP OR SOWP).

Now there might be many so called ”best consultancy in hyderabad for canada “ who suggest you to approach the study permit pathway stating that it is the only way to transition into a Permanent resident in Canada. The reality is you do not need to spend 20 odd lac INR to study in Canada for the same. We chalk out courses for our signed-up clients as to which course can be done vis distance education and from specific universities which would give you a near equivalent of a full time 2 years of masters degree.

IF you under 31years, we always suggest you to be frugal and migrate as a permanent resident. The only exception would be if your language proficiency is poor and inspite of repeated attempts you weren’t able to get a good score in IELTS.

This is the smart way to look at the whole process as you want to use the existing opportunities for your good instead of investing thousands of dollars and 2 years just to transition into a permanent resident. We want to be known as the best consultancy for Canada immigration process in the whole of India and hence go to the extent of giving completely free counselling sessions and webinars to interested aspirants.

If you are not able to use either of the two pathways, i.e. getting a study permit granted or migrate via a federal/provincial express entry category, you should consider the other alternatives such as self-employed class or the investor stream. Being the best consultancy in Hyderabad for Canada immigration services, we always have one or the other way sorted to ensure your transition into a permanent resident.

Will you be able to help me out in IELTS and ECA process?

The first step is to make sure you get the best possible score in IELTS! The moment you come on board you will be granted access to the IELTS library which comprises of various audio, video and text format study materials. It would also consist of multiple mock tests and answers so that you are better prepared to improve on your weakness in a structured manner to eventually achieve a better test result.

The ECA (education credential assessment) is also a very important aspect of the program. Every aspect of it will be taken care of by a dedicated person at our office (the transcripts submission via the university is the responsibility of the client). Usually this is done in such a way that both the IELTS test results and the ECA arrives at the same time.

An advantage of partnering with the best Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad is that there are few colleges and universities which do not get vetted by few of the institutions who grant an ECA in Canada, such information is readily available with us and we accordingly submit your transcripts to the appropriate institute in Canada.

Do you provide services for Visas of Spouse and Parents?

We provide services for both the visas, spousal sponsorship and super visas for parents. We strictly follow the governments procedures that have been laid out. Spousal sponsorship comes with a few amendments which can be used to the advantage of the client, hence it is important that the client works with someone who knows the most recent changes in the system.

On the other hand, Super Visa requires few mandatory prerequisites to be fulfilled, in terms of the sponsor’s tax returns, meeting the LICO, the subscription of a medical insurance for one year and so on. So don’t think about it any longer! Apply for Canadian visa for Spouse Parents through Novus Immigration Services, who are best bet in terms of acquiring any services for Canada immigration purposes.

What are the benefits of becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident?

Obtaining your Canadian PR grants you the rights and freedom equivalent to that of a Citizen in Canada except for few grounds such as voting, running for government or diplomatic positions etc.

The permanent resident status makes you eligible to a plethora of opportunities and government assistance programs and much more.You can live and work in any part of Canada. Permanent Residents are not obligated to stay in a particular province for work and other purposes. Once you get your PR you have a legal right to stay in any part of Canada. This makes life easier in Canada to search for better opportunities.

Free Healthcare - Permanent Residents in Canada have access to free healthcare and social services provided by the Canadian government.

You can become a Canadian Citizen once you have fulfilled the required criteria. You will be eligible to become a Canadian citizen once you have resided for a period of three years out of five years in Canada.

Education facilities - Permanent residents in Canada have access to free education up to the age of 18. The academicfee is at par with the citizens for Permanent Residents in Canada when compared to other international students, which turns out to be much more expensive.

In order to avail these services approach Novus Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad who can provide you with Permanent Residency Visa assistance from scratch to the very end.

Important pre-arrival tips from our Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad

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